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Pain-free performance starts at the pedal

Bike Fit is making sure that a bike fits you, rather than you trying to fit a bike. Technically it is the process of correctly setting up a bike to optimize cycling comfort, performance and efficiency, aiming to prevent overuse injuries and encourage more consistent riding.

At Physio Inq Sutherland, professional bike fitting is done by experienced and passionate cyclists, with a lot of experience treating cyclists. We don’t just give a fit and leave you with it. We check up on you. We may give you exercises to match the Bike Fit to make sure that you can get over an injury. It’s a multifaceted approach. Not just fixing the bike, but also fixing your body.

Our expert Bike Fit Physiotherapists are highly trained in taking an individual approach to your physiology, your training and Bike Fit goals, and to make changes to reduce or prevent pain while riding.

How can Sutherland Physiotherapy Bike Fit help?

  • Optimize cycling comfort
  • Encourage more consistent riding
  • Improve performance and efficiency: be more aerodynamic or produce more power
  • Recreational and professional riders
  • Current overuse injuries or wanting to prevent injury
  • Mountain bike, gravel bike, road bike, or time trial bike
  • And much more

We look forward to making your body and bike fit in a more enhanced way with our Sutherland Bike Fit service.

Manage your body and get the most out of life and your bike today.

The Sutherland Bike Fit Team

Meet some of our Physio Inq Sutherland Team Members
Tom Hol

Tom Hol

Sutherland Physio Owner & Principal Physiotherapist

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