No Brain No Pain | What does it mean to have pain?

Thursday, March 23, 2023

A large part of the role of a Physiotherapist is Health Education, and in particular, explaining pain. Here at Physio Inq Sutherland, we explain pain to help with your recovery in a way that acknowledges your unique pain situation and context. Ever been told “no pain no gain”? Not around here! 

What is pain?

Pain is the result of complex brain processes, and can be influenced by sleep, exercise, general health, attitudes, beliefs, mood, the environment and the people around you. Acute pain is the body trying to protect the part that is painful, and chronic pain results from the nervous system continuing to sense danger. Many active treatments can help turn down this “hypersensitive nervous system”, and thereby reduce pain and improve quality of life.

What do you need to know about pain?

When treating pain, knowledge is medicine! It is helpful to know: 

  • About the biological process underpinning pain
  • That pain can be overprotective
  • That danger messages are turned up and down at the spinal cord 
  • That the brain can turn down the danger messages at the spinal cord 
  • That the brain decides whether or not to produce pain 
  • That your pain is completely real even though tissue may not actually be in danger

In case anybody needs to hear that again: 

  • You can feel pain even without tissue damage in your body AND 
  • Your pain is completely real even though tissue may not actually be in danger

Your Physiotherapist has multiple tools to help you turn the volume of your pain down, retrain your body and your brain, and change your life.

Please get in touch with us today so one of our welcoming and empathic Physiotherapists can help with your pain and help you live a life with less limits.

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